What is Nutrimake?

Nutrimake is complete breakfast mealshake that offers complete nourishment for your body and mind. Nutrimake is made with carefully selected ingredients that are minimally processed and provide the right amount of proteins, carbs, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals a human body needs.

Nutrimake was created to give you an easy way to make a super healthy breakfast that nourishes you while also lowering your carbon footprint. That’s because we only use sustainable ingredients that require less water and other resources to grow. Yes, we are 100% plant-based and carcinogen free.

Why Nutrimake?

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Who is it for?

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Okay, What is it made of?

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Nutrimake Speaks

Meal Replacement Shakes, Why do we need one?

The truth is that our lifestyles are demanding, and there is scant time available to prioritise ourselves and what our body may require. We often let our circumstances dictate our food habits. To accommodate everything we desire, we often have to sacrifice something - and that something is usually healthy food.

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Thriving on a Nutrimake Diet

“I would rather eat a healthy, well-balanced diet - that’s how I’m going to stay disease-free for a long time. I don’t want to put my hard-earned money into paying my medical bills because I’m making stupid mistakes while eating food.”

Kuntal Joisher, 38, Mountaineer, Vegan, Programmer

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Nutrimake - Who is it for?

Nutrimake is a perfect breakfast mealshake that is made for everyone, irrespective of who you are or what your goals might be, Nutrimake can help you achieve it.

Skipping or skimping is a thing of the past now.
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I tried the Nutrimake mealshake and greatly surprised by its delicious taste, despite my initial skepticism. It kept me full and energetic throughout my Judo workout, very happy with the results.

Mahendar Srinivasan, Judo Athlete

I really liked the effortlessness of Nutrimake. I leave super early for work so with this I don't have worry about what to make or eat or about doing dishes.

Keerthi Shastri, Design Professional

Love the quality of the products! You can use Nutrimake as a meal replacement or supplement. I really felt like it helped with recovery and fatigue.

Ritwik Bhonsle, B-buoy Athlete

Ever since I have been using Nutrimake shake , been feeling strong and balanced . Recently ran an Ultra Marathon using this a supplement. A must for all athletes and adventure seekers .

Yogesh Singh, Marathoner

I tried the chocolate flavor of nutrimake as a meal replacement. It's super filling and has great flavor. What I like about nutrimake is that their ingredients are straightforward and that it mixes up very easily. Recommended!

Srushti V, Aerospace Engineer

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