Nutrimake – Who is it for?

Nutrimake is not your average meal-replacement powder or supplement. It is a scientifically created formulation fortified with over 22 micronutrients. It is a simple meal replacement powder which, in a single serving of 100 grams, has 24 grams of proteins, 52 of carbohydrates, 8g of Fibre, 14g of Fats and gives about 25% of the daily nutritional requirement of an individual based on a 2000 kCal diet.

Most meal replacement formulations in the market are for weight loss and hence do not have carbohydrates and fibres. Are you worried about too much sugar in processed food? The sugar in one serving of Nutrimake is less than the sugar found in an average sized banana! Food for thought?

Nutrimake is a meal replacement that is wholesome, delicious, and convenient. Jampacked with all the necessary nutrients, it comes in three lip-smacking flavours - Classic Original, Dark Chocolate, and Alcanut. It is easy to make, empty the sachet into the shaker, add 300 ml of water, shake and voila! You have a delicious smoothie! Nutrimake is not just for the health conscious, but also for those people who are strapped for time and aren't able to eat healthily.

  1. The Office Goer
    Always in a rush in the morning - you either skip breakfast or grab some street-food on the way which may not be healthy!

  2. The Working Parent
    If you are someone who is juggling work and taking care of your children, it is likely you might not pay a lot of attention to your own health. Nutrimake helps you stay fit and nourished while you can focus on the things that matter the most to you.

    Meal Replacement, All Natural, Power Blend, Protein

  3. The Bachelor/ Bachelorette
    You live alone or room with friends and survive on unhealthy takeouts or order ins. Nutrimake is the healthy, affordable, and convenient solution to all of your nutritional challenges.

  4. The Casual Athlete
    Can supplement your nutrition with the all-natural Nutrimake that gives you 24g of protein and 8g of fibre along with 20 vitamins and minerals, instead of resorting to synthetic supplements.

  5. The Advanced Athlete
    Nutrimake works both as a pre and post workout supplement. It helps with faster recovery times, and as a pre-workout drink, helps improve energy and endurance. Thanks to the Magnesium and Vitamin rich formulation, your recovery will be faster than usual.

    Meal Replacement, All Natural, Power Blend, Protein

Over and above all of this, Nutrimake is a convenient, affordable meal blend - if you are feeling too lazy to cook, or the maid isn't in today, or rushing between meetings, or even on holiday!


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