Thriving On A Nutrimake Diet - An Interview with Kuntal Joisher

Nutrimake Fueled Trek

When I created Nutrimake, I knew I wanted to bite the bullet and see if I could sustain myself happily on it without eating anything else. That meant 4 Nutrimake shakes a day.  I did so successfully, and it was rather amazing. I felt full, energetic and light through the day. The truth is I am the creator of Nutrimake, and there had to be biases in place for me to feel that great, right? At least, I thought so.

So I Decided To Put Nutrimake To Test

Which is why I wanted to see if a customer, would be curious enough to try it. Moreover, I couldn’t just ask any friend or relative to try it because they would probably feel the pressure to give me a positive response. I was over the moon when Kuntal Joisher, the world’s first vegan to climb Mount Everest, an ace mountaineer,  called me to tell me that he wanted to try having only Nutrimake for a good two weeks. This was more than what I could have asked for, here was an elite athlete with many achievements up his sleeve and was as curious as I was about going on a complete Nutrimake diet.

This experiment meant a lot to both of us. If Nutrimake succeeded in meeting his needs during the time of the experiment,  it could potentially be advantageous during high altitude climbs. Imagine having a light to carry, easy to prepare and consume meal that’s nutritionally sound anytime, anywhere.

 Here’s A Raw, Unbiased Look At The Results.



Kuntal Joisher - Vegan, Mountaineer, Speaker, Programmer


Kuntal Joisher, 38, is an elite Mountaineer, one of the only 4900 people in the history of human civilisation to have successfully summited Mt. Everest, the highest point on the planet. He is a former programmer and now a full-time mountaineering athlete and speaker who leads expeditions and inspires people to be their best.

From the day we launched Nutrimake, Kuntal has been following our journey, he started to use Nutrimake for his daily breakfast soon after.  I was most curious to know his motivation for doing this experiment given his physical routine.  I was both super excited and nervous.

“I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by meal replacement powders, since the time I’d read about Soylent. The day I read about Nutrimake, and what it’s trying to do, I was trying to figure out if I could add this to my regimen, my lifestyle in some way.” Kuntal says, adding that the convenience Nutrimake offers without having to worry about counting calories, deciding what to eat to get the right macro and micro-nutrients is what convinced him to go on a complete Nutrimake diet.

“I just don’t have to think! Here’s a powder blend which has everything already packed into it! You just have to mix it with water and drink it, Done! For the next 4 to 5 hours, you can just go on with your lives, train, do whatever you need to do!”

Did Nutrimake Help In Improving Your Recovery?

“In short, it was Awesome! I’ve been focusing a lot on strength training, on muscle work - upper body, my core - lesser on the lower body. A lot of pull-ups, a lot of pushups. I have started to train for my next climb, and I think it was great and through the week I felt energised and just, light; because I was meeting my nutritional needs every single day.”

I was pretty darn elated on hearing this because “Great recovery” is something many of our customers have observed after consuming Nutrimake post their workout. Unlike any other post-workout drink, Nutrimake ensures you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals that accelerate better recovery along with the 24g of protein it provides which is critical for recovery.

How Important Is It For You To Get The Right Nutrition?

“I think it’s very, very important, not just for a mountaineer. I would rather eat a healthy, well-balanced diet - that’s how I’m going to stay disease-free for a long time. I don’t want to put my hard-earned money into paying my medical bills because I’m making stupid mistakes while eating food.” Kuntal says, while elaborating on it, he says unlike any other ultra sport, mountaineering has severe risks.

Kuntal remembers asking his team leader from an expedition in the past, Tim Rippel, a famous Canadian guide, about what the secret to climbing Mount Everest is. “To be on top of the world, you need a top-of-the-world-body and a top-of-the-world-mind.” Tim had told Kuntal. Also, to create a top of the world body, you need world-class nutrition, when consumed in the optimum amounts from the right sources, the human body performs at its best and helps anyone reach their peak fitness, this is the same philosophy Kuntal subscribes to.

However, unlike any other ultra sports, Mountaineering can have life-threatening consequences, “because in any other sport, if something goes wrong, for example, if I’m an elite ultra runner, for example, if I get injured, what’s the max that can happen? Maybe I break a leg and have some screws fit into my legs. I’ll be out of action for a couple of weeks, tops. In Mountaineering, especially in big mountain climbing, at 28,500 feet, if something goes wrong, you’re going to die. That’s what happens to a mountain climber. It’s a serious ballgame.” He says.

                                          (Kuntal on Mt. Lhotse)                                                    

What Makes Nutrimake Stand Out Compared To Other Products?

“I can’t compare Nutrimake directly to a protein powder - I don’t like consuming protein powders directly. In that way, I like Nutrimake because it’s a full meal, and it’s giving me my protein requirements also. A protein powder will give you, say 25gms of protein, but will still have to have your meal, because there are just no calories in that. In that sense, Nutrimake is really awesome bang for the buck. It gives you balanced nutrition for those 4, 4 and a half hours, and at a very great price point. That’s how I compare Nutrimake to other products.” Kuntal opines.

“Nutrimake is really awesome bang for the buck. It gives you balanced nutrition for those 4, 4 and a half hours, and at a very great price point. That’s how I compare Nutrimake to other products."

Given that there aren’t any other complete meal replacement blends available in India, Nutrimake stands out as the source of clean and complete nutrition, that isn’t just nutritious, but is seriously delicious. Nutrimake provides with 24g of protein, 8g of fibre, 25% of the daily fats, 20% of the daily carbs and 22 vitamins and minerals in each serving, making it a unique meal unlike any other.

What Is The Best Value Add Nutrimake Offers According To You?

“I think two major value-adds it provides - one is the convenience that it brings to my life, at a really nice price point. This is very important. At the same time, it also provides great nutritional value - given the number of calories, protein, and everything else it has. Moreover, I don’t have to think about this nutrition much: it’s all been researched and is taken care of by the Nutrimake team.” Kuntal said

When we made Nutrimake, the first challenge was to get the right amount of nutrients in each serving, which I think was easy, because science! However, the biggest challenge was to ensure it is affordable. We worked very hard on finding reliable sources for procuring raw materials, improving the efficiency of our manufacturing processes to reduce cost, which could then be passed on the customers. I’m happy we have been able to offer a completely nutritious meal at less than 100 rupees per serving.

How Do You Plan To Continue The Nutrimake Journey?

“I think Monday to Saturday; every breakfast is Nutrimake. Sunday at my home there’s always Idli sambar, so I prefer eating a lot of that!” Kuntal says.

I’m delighted to accept that a product that we made with the intention of adding value to peoples lives is doing precisely that and helping people be their best.

Would you recommend Nutrimake to others?

“Absolutely.” Kuntal says, adding “I’ve been telling about Nutrimake to lots of my friends. At the same time, I still think the 3-4 week long experiment I’ve done is a short experiment, and I want to continue on Nutrimake for a little longer - possibly also take it on a proper, serious expedition.”

What Flavour Of Nutrimake Is Your Favourite?

Classic Original” Kuntal Says. Although Alcanut is our Rockstar that sells the most, Kuntal loves the Classic Original variation. Because he says “I’m not one of the guys who would comment on taste. Alcanut is all right, and Dark Chocolate is also all right, but hands down, classic original wins for me.” As they say, taste is a very individualistic perception; there’s no universal favourite, we love shipping the Classic Original packs to Kuntal.

If you are interested in trying out a Nutrimake diet, do let us know! We are more than happy to assist you with it and guide you through the experiment.

Nutrimake keeps you energised and full through the day, we recommend starting off with one meal a day and then increasing it to a frequency you’re comfortable with. If Kuntal’s journey with Nutrimake inspires you, use code INSPIREDBYKUNTAL for a flat 10% off on the entire order.

Want to know more about Kuntal,

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  4.     Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.


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