What are meal replacement shakes and why should you use one?

It is inevitable. Your laptop screen open in front of you demands that you stay with it - the urgency is unparalleled. The last time you had to work beyond your “office hours” (who said that was a thing anyway?) was… yesterday. Still, no matter. The task at hand has not finished yet, and you must continue. You crack your knuckles and you stretch your hands. You get up for a bit and take a brisk walk around your workplace, bracing yourself for what’s to come. And then it happens again, almost on cue, just like it happened yesterday - you feel hungry. All you have at your disposal are junk foods that take the form of snacks and chocolates. Thinking that it’ll be just one more day, you have it anyway. But ask yourself - is it really going to be one more day?

The truth is that our lifestyles are demanding, and there is scant time available to prioritise ourselves and what our body may require. We often let our circumstances dictate our food habits - whether it’s an extra evening at work, or a casual night out with friends. And who would want to skip the snacks when you get to hang out with them just a couple of nights a week anyway? To accommodate everything we desire, we often have to sacrifice something - and that something is usually healthy food.

This is where meal replacement shakes come in. A meal replacement shake has all the goodness of a meal, and you can make it really quickly! Unlike protein shakes, which prioritise just proteins, with a meal replacement shake, you get all the food groups that are important - proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, and more. This being said, let’s look at some of the advantages of a meal replacement shake:

  • A balanced meal in your bottle!
    Most of us struggle to get a balanced diet, no matter what our fitness level is. Some days we may be having extra carbs, while on others, our fat intake increases too much (weekends, right?!) When you opt for a meal replacement shake as your meal, you’re giving yourself a completely balanced meal. If you consume them regularly, your body will receive a steady stream of nutrients - and it will thank you for it!

  • No preparation hassles!
    A bothersome quality about healthy food is that it can be tough to procure - whether you’re considering going vegan or just want to have unprocessed food. If you don’t have a lot of time to work with in the first place, a meal replacement shake can be a lifesaver!

  • Works wonders for weight loss AND recovery! 
  • Whether your concern is to recover quickly after an intense workout or to make sure that you consume as few calories as possible to lose weight, meal replacement shakes have you covered! The important thing is to regulate your food and liquid intake, so that your body has enough nutrients from both sources.

    Fitness, after all, comes down to the little things - it’s a complete lifestyle change. We should warn you here that you shouldn’t think of meal replacement shakes as a quick fix or one-stop solution. Ultimately, you will have to make it a part of your fitness regime, and, ultimately, your lifestyle. And the more thorough and dedicated you are, the better are your chances of staying fit for long!

    Nutrimake is a meal replacement shake that you can use to aid your fitness regime. It’s available in a variety of flavours, and you can even get a shaker to make it in! Don’t delay - make your fitness plans your fitness priorities today!

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