What is this based on?
Nutrimake is made with natural ingredients like Wheat, Soy, Finger Millet, Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Cocoa Powder, Almonds, Cashews and Walnuts.

Is it genetically engineered?
Nope. It’s a minimally processed non-GMO product.

Is it good for the body?
Hell yes! It’s not only good for your body, but it’s also great for your soul too.

How much sugar does it have?
Less than that of an average banana. About 3 gms of sugar per 100ml of the drink when made with recommended serving. Given that it's a meal replacement drink, it only has as much sugar as your body needs, nothing more, nothing less.

What is the shelf life?
Six months from the manufacturing date.

Can I make other things with it?
Creativity is your limit, use Nutrimake to make chapatis, cakes or anything you can think of. Use it as flour, let us know if you invent a recipe with it and we shall recognise you for it.

Is it diabetic friendly?
Nutrimake has a low glycemic index, but we do recommend speaking to your physician if you’re diabetic.

Is it infant friendly?
It has 24gms of protein per 100gms of the product, consult your paediatrician if you would like to feed it to your baby.

Is it child-friendly?
Totally, children above the age of 8 can safely consume Nutrimake in appropriate proportions recommended by your paediatrician.

How long does it take to deliver?
Typically 3-7 business days based on your location, we ship from Bangalore.

Is it available offline?
Not yet, but follow us on social media and watch this space to stay updated.